Expiration Date in Financial Documents

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Expiration Date in SAP FI

Hello everyone! Welcome back to the EBAL IT blog. Today, we have a little tip for developers. 😊

If you’ve ever worked in the FI module with baseline dates and payment terms, you’re likely familiar with requests from a consultant or user saying: “show me the expiration date” or “filter by that date”

fecha vencimiento SAP


When you go to look for the field, you find, Ohhh! 😮 surprise, that the field does not exist and you already have a big problem.

This was the case until S/4 HANA, thanks to our wonderful ACDOCA table. What used to be a calculated field is now a field stored in the database. However, keep in mind that the field is not named the same in the table; it is called NETDT.

tabla ACDOCA campo NETDT

As I mentioned, it’s a small tip but very, very useful, especially if you’ve ever found yourself in this situation.

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